Jesus said, "Whoever drinks the water that I shall give will never thirst.  The water I shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” 
The woman said to him, "Sir, give me this water."

John 4:14-15a

Supplemental Resources
The Annunciation, a painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner in 1898

This page of supplemental resources provides additional material about Companioned Prayer for teaching, ministries, and additional prayer formats, supplemental handouts, and so on..  


If you would like to submit additional material to share with others, please see the Submitting Material section near the bottom of this page.




The primary source of information about Companioned Prayer is found in the book, Companioned Prayer; an Interactive Prayer for Companions, Families and Small Groups, by Bill Stobbe.  This book can be read before teaching Companioned Prayer or using the prayer in a ministry.  It is full of detailed information - far more than on the pages of this website.  You may freely download the most recent Adobe pdf version dated 9/20/2021 by clicking this link: download book (1.5 Mb).  Significant changes were made to the book on 9/14/2021.  If you have a version from before 9/14, you may want to download the current one.  The book is also available from Amazon in e-format for Kindles, tablets, the Kindle app, et cetera for $0.99 USD (the minimum allowed by Amazon) by clicking here.  Note that the Kindle version does not yet contain the revisions of 9/14/2021 and later.

Additional Companioned Prayer Forms


The standard prayer forms are on the Resources page.  Additional forms are offered below.  See the book, Companioned Prayer, for information about these additional prayer forms.

Instructional Materials


Some instructional materials for teaching and ministries are offered below.  This material is in addition to the necessary "Basic Learning Program Handouts" found on the general "Resources" page of this website for learning the prayer, and the information in chapter 9, "Teaching Companioned Prayer," in the above Companioned Prayer book.


Exercises as discussed in "Supporting Interior Exercises" in chapter 9 of the book, Companioned Prayer, are offered below:


For guidelines for Companioned Prayer retreats, see chapter 9 of the book, Companioned Prayer.

Companioned Introduction to the Loving Heart of Jesus

The Loving Heart of Jesus prayer form may be used in ministry as a temporary introduction to the loving heart of Jesus.  This form does not replace the full standard form of the prayer.


Accessible and Safe Environments


Everyone involved in any leadership in Companioned Prayer should be aware of and follow the requirements and guidelines of their sponsoring and hosting organizations for an accessible and safe environment, especially for young people and vulnerable adults.  Additionally, the Accessible and Safe Environments guidelines, which are applicable to Companioned Prayer, should be followed.

Articles and Links


There are no articles or links posted at this time.

Supplemental Handouts

Supplemental handouts are available in response to an individual's need for guidance or understanding.  These handouts are not recommended for wholesale inclusion within a basic learning program, but an individual handout can be provided to someone in response to their particular need.  These supplemental handouts are also available to support self-instruction as needed.  All of these handouts are from the book, Companioned Prayer, by Bill Stobbe, available above.



Submitting Material

Individuals and groups participating in Companioned Prayer ministry or outreach will from time to time develop material that may be useful to others who have similar goals.  This material can be on any topic related to Companioned Prayer. For example, it could include articles, flyers, bulletins or announcements about your Companioned Prayer activities.  It could be general brochures about Companioned Prayer, or special brochures, announcements or write-ups about a specific Companioned Prayer outreach ministry (using Companioned Prayer with the homeless, etc.)  Material or articles might be developed incorporating Companioned Prayer into other traditional forms of Christian worship, prayer or spiritual exercises, (such as the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.)  Or material may be developed on how to incorporate Companioned Prayer into Christian youth groups or other specific communities of interest.  These are just examples of possible subject materials.  In addition, we hope that material will be developed (or translated) in languages other than English.

If you have developed material that you would like to share, send it in an email to  Guidelines for submitting material for posting on the CPCF website include:

  1. The material must be related to the Christian practice of Companioned Prayer.  All material submitted must have a primary Christian focus.  Material that is designed to promote or use Companioned Prayer as a non-Christian practice will not be posted, and should not be submitted.

  2. Submitted material may be edited by the CPCF prior to posting.

  3. All material submitted for posting is submitted for downloading and use by the public without cost to the user.  Submitted material should not be copyrighted.  All material submitted for posting, with the exception of the book Companioned Prayer by Bill Stobbe and its posted excepts (including all prayer forms), will become public domain upon posting unless it is copyrighted per item 4 below.

  4. Copyrighted material within other media can be submitted for posting as links to those media.  When providing a link, please also provide a brief description of the material.  Excerpts of copyrighted material which are considered beyond "fair use" can be submitted for posting if a permission is provided by the copyright holder.

  5. If the material is not in English, please identify its language and provide an English translation so we can review the material.


Opinions expressed in all submissions and postings are those of the contributor, and are not necessarily those of the CPCF even though selected and posted by the CPCF.  The CPCF may add or remove individual postings at any time.

In the spirit of sharing the blessings given to us, the CPCF offers all of the material on this page for downloading.