Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.

Matthew 18:20

The Companioned Prayer Christian Fellowship
Wooden carving of the Crucifixon

Those of us who have experienced Companioned Prayer are moved by those experiences to share the prayer with others. We find that the prayer is a natural component of our Christian faith, and that our experiences bring us a closeness with the mystery and majesty of our Lord.  We have come to know Christ’s awesome personal mercy and grace, and his love and care for us.  In response, we offer this prayer to all.  It is meant to be practiced as a prayer of Christian faith, encouraging each other to place ourselves within God’s gentle love in this contemplative practice.

The primary purpose of the Companioned Prayer Christian Fellowship, Inc. (CPCF) is to support the development and practice of Companioned Prayer in Christian communities and ministries.  There is no official membership in the CPCF. Anyone who practices Companioned Prayer, teaches it, or uses it in a ministry can consider themselves associated with the CPCF.


Likewise, organizations are free to establish prayer groups and ministries using the terms “Companioned Prayer Christian Fellowship” and “Companioned Prayer” in an informal association with the CPCF under the assumption that the prayer group or ministry will adhere to the principles and practices offered by the CPCF via this website, CompanionedPrayer.org.  "Companioned Prayer" and "Companioned Prayer Christian Fellowship" are trademarks of the CPCF, and the CPCF retains the right to revoke an organization's use of the terms “Companioned Prayer Christian Fellowship” and “Companioned Prayer” if, in the opinion of the CPCF, such principles and practices are opposed.  The use of the terms “Companioned Prayer Christian Fellowship” and “Companioned Prayer” by independent organizations, prayer or ministry groups, or others does not signify recognized endorsement by the CPCF, and the CPCF is not responsible for those organizations' actions or practices.  Such organizations are independent of the CPCF, and as such are free to create their own programs and practices as they are called upon by their vision and mission and as they are moved by the Holy Spirit, and the CPCF encourages them to do so.  The CPCF also encourages these organizations to share successful program ideas and resources with others via the "Submitting Material" section on the Resources page of this website.

Because the structure of Companioned Prayer is delicate and nuanced, and the prayer experience can be easily impaired by subtly inappropriate changes or translations, the CPCF is compelled to protect the integrity of the prayer.  That is why the terms "Companioned Prayer" and the "Companioned Prayer Christian Fellowship" in any language are trademarked by the CPCF, even though the CPCF desires to promote the use, adoption and advancement of the prayer as widely as possible.  Thus, all translations and changes to the prayer forms must have written approval by the CPCF and are subject to existing copyright law.  For information and permissions, the CPCF can be contacted at info@companionedprayer.org.  The prayer offers a unique way to experience God's closeness and love.  The CPCF only wishes to ensure that this potential is retained.

The CPCF was founded in July of 2005 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered with the California Secretary of State.  The CPCF is supported by the generous donation of time and activities by individuals who form and lead prayer groups and prayer ministries.  The CPCF relies on donations from individuals who practice the prayer.  To make a donation please see our "Make a Donation" page.  Your donations are greatly appreciated.  The CPCF is not affiliated with any one Christian denomination.

You can contact the CPCF via email at info@CompanionedPrayer.org.