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The Gift of Regular Practice

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Do not expect that learning how to practice Companioned Prayer, or practicing it a few times, will result in an experience that would cause one to continue the practice. Even if the experience is very positive or highly spiritual and personal, it is still not the same as what happens from practicing the prayer over some time. Because, over time the prayer opens our hearts and our souls to the personal presence of God. And that is a slow and gentle process in which we receive God’s grace, his love and his mercy; and we receive it in a way that each time transforms us very gradually opening our hearts and our minds to the true living presence, the fountain of life within us, the light and the love, which we begin to experience more continually and which we also begin to experience being able to see and know this presence in others. That type of transformation takes time. It’s not a matter of being good at the prayer, knowing the technique, or even understanding how it happens. It’s an actual living change that we must take the time to allow to happen in us, through trust and faith.

In that presence we then grow; and we find ourselves to have our faith opened up to us, just as the disciples when they were walking to Emmaus had their faith opened up to them by Jesus. It is Jesus in this prayer who gently opens up to us all that we need to know and feel, and actually changes us. It is in this way that not only are we changed, but our faith is made so strong, and the teachings of the faith become not only so interesting to us, but become so vital, so important. In this way Christianity flowers within us, and our hearts are awakened to the purpose and potential of life, given to us by God through this prayer through the divine presence of him who loves us. By promoting and practicing this prayer, as we find ourselves enlivened within on so many different levels, we too will find overall that as more people practice it, Christianity as a faith will become enlivened within the hearts and minds of so many people. And it won’t be just enlivened in terms of people appreciating the dogma of the faith, but it will be enlivened from an appreciation of God’s love and the joy and fulfillment of his purpose within us, and our knowing and valuing the love of God which is in every person, and the tremendous holy value that each person has.

This recognition, this change of perception, will have the effect of changing society. All the ills that society has, in whatever form, all have their basis in spiritual dearth, a spirituality that is lacking. As the the experience of God's transforming love within us grows, we will want to naturally care for each other, and we will put a very high emphasis on that. And that is what is going to solve the world's problems, because that is what we are here for: to share in God's love and to not have people suffer. This prayer is a gift from God for all of us, given at this time because of our present need, but more so because of his love.

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