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An invitation - from my perspective

I, and others who practice Companioned Prayer, are so pleased to be able to share this wonderful prayer experience. It has enriched my faith through many encounters with the divine mystery of God, and the gift of his personal mercy and grace through the real presence of Jesus Christ. And I've seen how this also happens in others with this prayer. This is a gentle but powerful prayer that opens hearts and calls us into a new and ever deepening, intimate relationship with God. As we are enlivened in our hearts and minds through the touch of God’s love in our souls, we are gradually changed and made whole in Christ, the one who both calls us and fulfills us. My experience with this prayer for the past 25 years, is that what begins as learning to pray in this way, with time, expands into community where we find that Christ is present through us and in us. This amazing journey of discovery, enrichment, relationship and faith requires the support of others in consistent ongoing prayer. So give it a try. Find some friends and join or form a Companioned Prayer group. You will be so glad you did. Questions? Comment to this post, or email us at

Bill Stobbe discussing Companioned Prayer

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